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Tifft Nature Preserve, Buffalo, NY

July–October 2016

Chain link with powder coating, welded and forged polychrome steel urns, and weathered cast-plaster birds with tree trunk

The sculptures in Locus Amoenus, draw attention to the significant human interventions necessary to protect and maintain the fragile ecosystem at the Tifft Nature Preserve. 

The young trees are vulnerable, especially to the roaming deer population at the preserve. In an attempt by man to protect these young trees, their trunks are surrounded by a “cage”. 

Locus Amoenus relies on the dramatic and unexpected usage of color and materials in the landscape to bring awareness to the necessary intervention by man, focusing attention on the fragility of Tifft Preserve. 

Locus Amoenus press release 
Locus Amoenus - Buffalo Spree 
Locus Amoenus - The Public