something # 6

Porcelain, found ceramic bird paint, wood and colored clay

22 x 6 x4


some things

This series of small scale sculpture, titled some things, initially thought of as mental preparation for large-scale work, have evolved into a practice in and of itself opening new avenues for investigation of the boundary between nature and artifice. These subtle works are an extension of the themes explored in my larger body of work, but on a different scale, both visually and psychically. The some things are crafted using a wide variety of media including clay, plaster, and wood. Most often painted white, the uniform paint serves to both unify the discrete materials into a single form as well as disguise them. Afterwards I often add a bright accent of color — a burst of neon orange fimo clay, or bright green paint that boldly announces itself from the white of the sculpture's body. This shock of color is reminiscent of the experience of seeing my large sculpture installed in the landscape — a burst of off-the-shelf brightness nestled in the surrounding verdure. Though obviously very considered, because of their scale combined with the artistic process, there is a palpable spontaneity inherent in these works— a quirky liveliness which is sometimes not apparent in the larger, more refined works.

something #5

Wood, painted dried sponge, rock with silver leaf

10 x3 x 3


Something #7

Wood, linen thread, found ceramic bird

19 x 8x 5


Something # 8

plaster, wood gold leaf, porcelain, paint

11 x11 x4


something #18

Porcelain, plaster , wood , colored clay

19x9 x6

something #14

Porcelain, wood, colored clay

25 x4 x4


something #16

Plaster, wood gold leaf, porcelain

11x5 x3


something #4

Plaster, paint, flocking

16 x 4 x4


Something #3

Plaster, wood, colored clay

19 x 7 x6


something #11

Bronze, plaster, wood, colored clay

21 x 6 x5


something #10

bronze, plaster, wood, paint

22 x 6 x4


Something # 13

wood, plaster, paint

21 x2 x5


something #12

Plaster, wood, porcelain

12 x7 x5