Written in the space of the water

Handwritten text and maps on vellum with underlying inkjet printed maps

Hand sewn binding with handmade marbleized paper

17 x22

32 pages


The book is a personal journal, kept while retracing my steps in the quest for my Istanbul trees in 2015. Each night I would write the story of the day’s events, while seeking from memory with my trees. These trees, I had first photographed in 2010 while living in Istanbul. Since the Gezi Demonstrations the trees took on a new importance and I returned to Istanbul to try to find them. Not every thinking I would look for these trees again the process became a shared adventure, often enlisting the help of friends and strangers on the streets. The journal through text, written in empty space the Bosporus provided on my street map along with my hand drawn maps of the day presents the evidence of my rediscovery.

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